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Eterna Manual 1941


Eterna manual 1941
Movement no: 3916054
Caliber 520-U
Case no: 3777416

Caiber 520-H I found in the book ETERNA Pioneers in Watch making was from 1941
This caliber does have the shock absorber and has caliber 520-U so we can assume it is from 1941.
I also found a advertisement from 1940 in wich they promoted the shock absorber on a other  manual caliber 1050.

Complete serviced but that is normal but this watch is in great condition
If I have to write down what there is done the list wil be big.
I like to look at the movement knowing what is done there !
Like new tyrette spring, like new buses between the platine and gap for the spring drum
New original crown, new glas etc.

And offcourse complete serviced so it has now a amplitude of 300.
If I did write it wrong in English please do forgive me.

But I like to explain what has be done instead of talking about a great new Hirsh crocoprint strap.

Most sellers do, so you do not look at the the movement !
It has the correct screws to hold the movement into the case for example.
I can go on so just let me say a great watch with great heavey luggs, size 34,5 mm ex crown.

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