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Eterna Matic Kontiki 20 1967


Not for sale Private collection just info.

Eterna Matic Kontiki 20
Dark grey dial with smaragd indexen.
Calibre 1489 K based at Eta calibre 2433 to Eterna specification. Case ref: 130 FTT with screw down crown. Start of production 1967, signed glass non brand strap. Gold logo of the Kon-Tiki raft at the back.

Kon-Tiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl wearing a Eterna watch in his 1947 expedition across the  Pacific Ocean from Soth America to the Polynesian islands .See under links.

The Kontiki named watches are with different calibres ;

Start of production 1952 : Calibre 1414 without date Calibre 1424 with date both in case size 37 mm. BpH. 18.000 both based at Eta 2385 made to Eterna specfication

Start of production 1952 : Calibre 1412 without date and calibre 1422 with date both in case size 34 mm. without crown. Based also at ETA 2385 made to Eterna specification. BpH. 18.000 .

The difference is beside the calibre  in the case size.

Start of production 1956 : Calibre 1429 U without date and Calibre 1439 U with date based at Eta 2430/ 2433. Case size 34 mm. without crown .BpH. 18.000

Start of production 1967 : Calibre 1489 K with date based at Eta 2433 made to Eterna specification. BpH.21.600,  Screw down crown.

Later Eterna started to use full ETA movements. For example Kontiki Super Diver ETA 2824 - 2, Kontiki Diver ETA calibre 2892 - A2, later with calibre Selita SW200 ( Kontiki date )Kontiki Four Hands calibre ETA 2836 - 2, Kontiki GMT ETA 2893 - 2 , Kontiki Chronograph with Lemania 283 later calibre ETA 7750


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