Eterna School / Shop display

The pictures and video of this wonderfull shop display were send to me as it is owned by,

Jonathan Frais from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK.

I never did see one before and that is the reason why I placed it on my site. It is in a wonderfull condition and showns the working of the famous ball bearing roter.

 The clock sits on a cream colored alumnium electric moterised base with a platform wich turns 360 hoizontally. It also sits on 2 rollers on the end of the arms wich slowly rotates the clock 360 vertically and winds the mechanism. as it turns horizontally. The winding crown sets the hands. The clock is fully working  automatic,fully skeletonised movement, made of Acrylic,steel and brass with massive jewels.

 It is 12 " in diameter. It has Made in Switserland stamped into the acrylic plate on the back with a movement refenerence no: 1104 - 4 W 25.

 I don't know when it was made . I don't own this item and as far as I know it is not for sale. 

A great item for Eterna Fanatic,s !

After an  inquirement I did get the next answere from Eterna ,

,, Concerning this Eterna School Model you have placed on your site ,, 

It was manufactured by the ETA mechanic training centre. They produced a
very few pieces for us and we didn’t have sold them !
They were though as exhibit models in our stores and they should have given
it back.
Unfortunately we don’t have a production date. Sorry.
I hope I could help you.
Best regards,
Martin Burkolter
Head of After Sales Service
Schützengasse 46
CH-2540 Grenchen
Eterna SA
Porsche Design Timepieces






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