Eterna.Matic Centenaire 1962 chronometer


Calibre 1439 U

Movement 4568958

Case ref. 129 T

You do not often find a Centenaire chronometer! most of them are a none chronometer with the gold medallion with the coat of arms of the Schild family. The founders of the company. But I could not resist placing the info because there are many sellers who do sell watches as a chronometer wich they are not.

As usual serviced.

Here the info I received from Eterna ;

Hi Peter,

We have found the following information:

Mvt. number: 4568958
Case number: 4502426
Calibre: 1439
Ref: 129 T
Year: 1962
Case: steel
Sale Price: 500 – Swiss Franc
Normally, the case reference 129 T ( 329 T / 729 T ) has a chronometer movement.

I hope I could help you.
For any further request, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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