Eterna.Matic Centenaire 2000


Eterna.Matic Centenaire 2000

A big and beautiful tank model of this model Centenaire 2000 complete with original strap and buckle. A hard to find model in this condition!

Size of the case including the signed crown is 35 mm. x 42 mm. This is a big watch!

Please do not confuse it with the models, Centenaire date which has calibre 1438 or 1439 or the Centenaire 61 date which did have the same calibres. They did start with the production of these models in 1956 the Celebrating of 100 years Eterna.

The Centenaire 2000 calibre 1480 is based at an Eta calibre 2433 but made to Eterna,s specification. BpH. 21.600 and start of production is 1967. After that Eterna made the Centenaire 2000 in 1968 also with calibre 1481 K and also based at the Eta 2433.
Movement number: 5479033 and Case ref. number: 165 T, signed original glass!