Eterna.Matic Centenaire 71


Eterna.Matic Centenaire 71

Start of production 1967

Calibre 1480 K quick date setting

Movement 5611595

Case ref: 106 IVT size including signed crown 36 mm.

Signed glass and crown, non-brand strap.

Please do not think it is the wrong calibre, but only the Centenaire date and the Centenaire 61 date do have calibre 1438 U or 1439 U. I do get that question often so again a small explanation.

The Centenary without date does have calibre 1428 U or 1429 U. Based at Eta 2430 or 2433 but made to Eterna,s own specification.

With the addition of the Centenaire 71, Eterna did use calibre 1480 K and later the 1481 K, also used in the Centenaire 2000 all based at the ETA 2433 but made to Eterna specification.