Tissot T12 chronograph N.O.S. 1968

Tissot T12 chronograph N.O.S.
Some small scratches from laying around.
Not serviced but running correct and controlled by my watchmaker, with a amplitude of 270
New seal at the back is placed.
Caliber 863 the sister of the famous Moonwatch
Movement no: 2496802 and case ref: 40504
Mint dial and the sealing is still at the back, most of the T12 chronograph,s does have some aging this one not
Original box but it is missing the holder.
Sendings cost is depending where you live and import taks outside the EU also
Paying is for the EU bank to bank or outside PayPal but please do remember PayPal does not insure
registered mail for a seller only for a receiver.

So if you want it that way it is at your own risk ( I have been scammed this way)

So I prefere Fedex.

After 2 x an attemp to break into my house my watches are laying in a banksafe.

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